Wednesday, June 10, 2009

week 75 and 76 :D

AAAAAAaaaaaand so it begins! I drew a few comics and more'll be coming :D Enjoy~!
Joe S., Me, and Malik! So this comic was suggested/requested of me when it was witnessed (not by me) first hand. Isn't that amazing? If my drawings are accurate, as they always are, he got about ten feet! Okay, so the person said it was more like a foot, but you can't spell farce
Me and Amanda! Check your staffmates! Know your captains! And for goodness sakes don't smudge the notes to yourself on your arms.

Cliff and Me! We got a new van! :D The brakes don't suck like the ones on the old van! Isn't that great! Yes, yes it is.

Tammy B. and me! Sometimes captains don't know where something is! P.S. if YOU find the 5th floor cooler, you let me know okay?

Me and a new wait staff! So it's been rumored that I'm a scary captain. I personally don't believe so. You know what is scary? Being told to go somewhere and you don't know where that something is. ~5th Floor Proproom~ Sounds pretty scary huh?

Me and my brother! So everytime I go on vacation I do a comic about how I'm always reminded of Catering whilst I am away. This time it came in the form of our blue cards that gives us half off at all the food places on BYU campus. Yay! I'll actually probably be doing more of these, because my brother is just so funny! :D

Sunday, June 7, 2009


They be coming, I just fell off the face of the planet for about a month.