Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 58

And with this post I am officially caught up in my weekly timeline :D I'm sort sad that I didn't get a Thanksgiving themed cartoon in...oh wells, Enjoy~!Anastacia, Richard B., and Meme! Make fun of my cartoons will you :p
Daniel and Meme! :D
Anastacia and Meme! So I was on a banquet when I noticed that there were sacrament trays in the prep room. I made sure that they didn't come back with us in my little "look around to see if we got everything" phase of clearing out of the building banquets.

Brian G., Meme, Karen, and Barbara! So this is the closest I got to referring to Thanksgiving adventures. I saw Madagascar II and I just thought the scene with the penguins applied to catering quite nicely!

Week 57 Explosion!!!!

Hey guys! A mere two weeks later and I've got the comics up like promised! :D Enjoy~!

Jonathan and Meme! Ok. Sometimes as captains we are required to correct the grooming standards of our wait staff. For me personally this comes in random spurts where I just criticize everyone in my range. But this was completely rational! As soon as he walked into the room I noticed the white belt! Then he 'showed me' by wearing a reversible one...X( man...I feel like one of those people who size up a person by first looking at their shoes or something like that...except horrible construed by catering...
Robby, Joe, Meme, and Melissa! I've always wanted to share my weird hobby of making connections to things that no one else just seems like a lost art though. Anyways, if you are akin to my comic Melissa and don't get my reference with the other hot can get it XD
Mike, CougarEat student manager, Meme! So catering and the cougareat are in a constant battle over the hallway in the dishroom. Having been chastised about this in the captain's meeting, I set out to better compromise with them in the future. When we came across the problem again (that very day after the meeting in fact) this is how it went down.
CESM:"Hey, if you don't mind I'm going to move you're catering stuff into the hallway by the ballroom"
Me:"Well the thing is that 801 doesn't want us putting it there so I don't thing you should"
CESM:"Are you sure?"
Me: "Um...yes. You can ask you're supervisor Mike if you'd like"
CESM: "Yeah I think I'll do that."
Then I keep doing the dishes for a bit when I realize some potential mischievousness. I crammed all of the carts into the small opening behind the loading part of the dishwasher and made it so you couldn't even see our carts from the other end of the hallway. Yes I did get a greeaaat amount of self-satisfaction when Mike came and saw nothing and went away with a bemused CESM. muahaha...
Jeff, Ruth, and Meme! There are just some banquets that go wrong (like at the Clyde building where there are NO rooms built with catering in mind) and as a captain you simply do your best and wing it. :D Fun times!
Meme and Dana! yay for play on words :D

More to come! :D

Monday, November 24, 2008


The comics for this week and last are half drawn...they're...coming...sorry...Xx

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 56! The last football game :)

Yay! So I was falling a daze in my classes today and to stay awake I started doodling the rest of the comics! Yay! These 5 in particular are dedicated to the wonderful events known as football games. May they always be stressful fun! Enjoy~!
Tamsin, Meme, EFY kid, Mattress man, and Brittany! The 2nd floor loge has an amazing view of the...parking lots...for football. Anyways, there's a LOT of amusing things to see in the parking lot right next to the stadium including the BYU band before kickoff, a smart car :D, a man dressed up as the Carl's Jr. Star logo, and this one time (as portrayed in the comic) there was a man dressed up as a mattress! :) It was very amusing.
The Under checker cop, Copilot..., Meme, and Joe S.! So we were waiting to get into the stadium and I've seen this man check every truck I've ever been on at every game for secret smugglers under the truck trying to get into the stadium. Yet they ignore the fact that there is a huge truck bed of mysterious catering things that they never check. Now I don't want catering to have to take more time getting into the stadium by this comic, I just want to make a joke! Besides...that man that checks the trucks is such a character...I HAD to draw him.
Kirk, (front row, left-right) Casey, Meme, David L., Aaron, Scott, (back row, right-left) Bonnie, Two Blue zone wait staff, Tamsin, Amanda, Jonathan, and 3 more random wait staff! I heard strange rumors about DS 72 having been pushed back to the WILK by Kirk because it died, so I drew it next to another very strange rumor of fitting 15 people in a truck. Football=fun times!
Mariah, Tamsin, Meme, and Tammy! So we were doing an odd job at the Legacy Tent before the last football game and we couldn't find the light switch for the Tent. We were using our cell phones to look for it when Mariah, who was still in the truck, asks Tamsin if all Captains carried flashlights with us. Well the answer is yes Mariah, yes we do.

Anastacia, Richard B., and Meme! Next year for football, or on a very busy night, get yourself down to the dishroom for some of the best fun and inside jokes catering can afford to give you.

Well, yay for football :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

week 55 on week 56! :D

See! I promised I'd keep doing these, no worries guys. Anyways, I've done this before where I just do the comics a week later because I'm a tad bit bogged down. So this post is for last week and there will be more for this week...I just have to draw them ;D Enjoy~!

Elizabeth (WS) and Meme! Come on, you guys know that when you end up serving a friend, a teacher, or (in this case) a TA you act more particular than usual. Well...I do. Anyways when I did serve my TA is was funny because I tried not to treat him differently from the other people at the table, but he sat where I kept on serving him last at the table X( But he hasn't said anything about it in class and I don't think he will. :D
B2, Chris O., and Meme! So I had this problem the other day with my rack-up and it just reminded me of a time in Sacrament meeting where the speaker said, 'It would be a sad existence if you couldn't walk' and that's when I thought that a handicapped person might get offended...therefore inanimate objects MUST feel the same :D Careful what you say my friends...very careful XD.
Random Guy, Riley, Meme, and a random waitstaff! I was told one day by Allan that I couldn't do my dishes because they were making a movie in the dish room. I bet him hard money that such a thing was ludicrous. If I thought a little into the future I could possibly conceive them making a movie about how to use the new dishwasher, but it didn't dawn on me and my 100 odd-ish dishes that I had to wash. So I pitter patter on down there to the second floor and lo and behold there was a camera crew and a very bright light...touché Allan, touché.
Amy, Daniel, and Meme! Take a look at the accident log sometime. Go ahead, it's worth it.
Meme and a random wait staff! I actually don't know anyone in particular with this much avarice for the Twilight series, so if you do, you can imagine you are in one of my comics...unless you are a boy because that wait staff has a their hair in a bun...unless...

:D I hope you enjoyed my belated comics! :D

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's that glorious time of year again! Ol' Hallows Eve :D It's one of my top 3 holidays...I can't really choose a top 1 because I like to celebrate all holidays, but it's one of the best to be sure!
Anyways I managed to eek out one comic for you to celebrate the day :D Enjoy~!
Melissa and Tammy as Princesses, Joe S. as a Dinosaur, James as the Incredible Hulk, Meme as Sherlock Holmes, Tamsin as Watson, Daniel as a bassett hound, McKell Brooke and Nancy as Flora Fauna and Merrywether respectively, and Michael J. and David Lew as Ninjas! may notice this is rather pasted together...literally. But I did not have a scanner nearby that I could use so I decided to get this up by another means...

So I thought I'd share a comic from a year ago :)
Joe (I don't know his last name actually...) as Jack Sparrow, Me as the Conch guy from POTC2, Elizabeth as Elizabeth Swann, Chris O. as Davy Jones, and David L. as the closer! :D I love this comic! It's how I came up with my characteristic David Lew...character...anyways...Happy Halloween!

As a side note, I just want my readers to know I've put myself on 'Football only' status for catering. So I won't be working all...and therefore I won't get much material for comics. But I am still going to do them! :) they just might be a bit off, but I'll do my best.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tribute to Truckers

Oh kay I apologize but if I am going to draw comics this week, it won't be til the end of it. But! I did manage to draw a comic in my econ notes the other day that I thought would be fun to share. See, since the last football game was earlier in the day, the guys on the trucks crew were required to come in earlier than everyone 4:30 early...since some of the truck crew was working the night before, this is what I imagined went down. :) Enjoy~!
Joe S., James W., and Meme!

I also had fun typing the dialogue in :D Since one purpose in me drawing these cartoons is for me to get better, I'm practicing with the electronic editors so people don't need to read my own personal just takes so much time to do X(

By the way, if anyone sees a red tribeca flashdrive with flames on it and a black stringy thing coming off of it...let me know...for I have misplaced mine and it's the one I use for my drawings...yes...

Monday, October 20, 2008

week 54! :D

:D yay comics! They are so fun to draw. :) I've been thinking of drawing a non-catering related comic...*gasp*...but I can't come up with a storyline. So I thought I'd just tease people with the idea some more until future notice. Don't worry, now that I've started the idea in the clockwork of my mind I'll start day dreaming about it and come up with something.

a random wait staff, Casey, Meme, and Mckell! So I've been trying to find an opportunity to study during break at work and it just doesn't work. But I thought I'd draw a hope inducing comic anyways. Casey, I don't know if you're taking American Heritage but it's a common mid-term to be having so I took my chances ;).
Meme, Tammy, and Melissa W.! :D yay for the captain card game! I hadn't done one in awhile and I wanted there you have it.
Electrician man, Meme, and Nikki! So I was cleaning out the South Kitchen elevator as a Special Project and the technician guy was working on the electricity right next to my mop bucket. I asked him if he wanted me to move it...but then he moved for me so yesh...
Jessica and Meme! Ah...I had a 15 person in building banquet and it was glorious (thank you dearest Elizabeth). Anyways and I was listening to the radio. It wasn't too all, but it just reminds me of the times when I've heard some perty intense banquets going on over the radio. Be grateful my friends, be grateful :D.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

week 53~!

:D So I think I've come up with a name that amuses me enough for my catering character. Enjoy~!
Meme, Taizsa, and Joe S.! So I don't remember what incited me to do this, but I busted out singing 'Let me see your butter roll' and it was funny...and I did a comic about it...yes.
Slow Truck Driver, very-nice-but-also-slow Einstein's bagel lady, vehicles that are in my way, and Meme! So the other day at the dock this happened. Me being the resourceful person I was I busted out my pen and paper and occupied my time until the cars were out of my way. It was nice...the black van left first...and then the Truck at the same time the white van in front of me left. It was a day for testing my patience to say the least. But the irony was too funny afterwards not to do a comic about it.
Meme! Look guys! It's my first political cartoon! :D Do you know how happy this makes me! You have no idea, it's my dream to be a political cartoonist. :D Anyways, like I said we changed uniforms last week and the fact that our crews now wear at least 3 shades of black every time they work I thought I'd dedicate a comic to it. Now my opinion as to the uniforms; Uniforms are uniforms and I get paid to wear them. I got used to the other uniforms and I'll get used to these too...but I'll avidly be wearing aprons in the future...maybe two...

*sigh* and yes my comics are hard to understand sometimes so I'll explain my political innuendo. Barack Obama's big slogan thing is that he will bring 'change' and as we just 'changed' uniforms I was implying that change isn't always for the best :D
Bonnie and a nice old man! So we were talking about how to open our hotel carts the other day...and this did happen...but I wish I could have come up with something better for the handprint on the hotel cart a superhero pose or something like that. Alas, Bonnie's distress is awesome as well ;)

So I tried to draw the comics with the new uniforms in them and I've decided that my drawings look retarded when I do. So the old uniforms will live forever on in my drawings. After all, they never will truly leave us, they'll just be at DI :D

week '52'! this is a week behind...both online and irl... :D anyways, enjoy~!
Me, Sara, Nancy, Taizsa, and Meagan! So the most prominent thing that happened this week is that Sara came for a visit! Although she requested a comic as a ghost, I decided for a conspiracy theory instead. I figured it was fiction enough :) Yay for Sara!
Me, Marie, Nancy, and Michael J.! The next prominent thing that happened...last that we got new uniforms! Now I'll give my personally opinion on them in a later post, but for now I made a comic about the various ideas that popped into various peoples heads over what they wish to categorize us as...ah...human nature at it's best.
Mariah, Mckell, and Me! Kawaii! So Mariah does Nachos for me at football and I <3 how I drew her. Practically perfect in every way~! Anyways, this comic is dedicated to the ever present saying 'Two people to a cart' that I find myself doing less often than I should. I suppose this comic can be a self-chastising I suppose...riiiiiight.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

week 51-1~!

Yay for comics! You know, I usually base my comics on what has happened during the week so that, hopefully, having it fresh in my mind helps me to draw a better comic. But this past week I didn't work to much since I was on a trip to New Mexico. But! I still wanted to do some comics. Enjoy~!

Dakota, Me, and Uncle James! So I don't particularly fancy Mexican food. Sometimes I'll really crave it but others I'll just get sick to the stomach...there's only one Mexican place that I can go to any time of the day and enjoy and it's in California...and yet I don't know the name of it...anyways on my trip to New Mexico we only ate at Mexican food places and it drove me to like Mexican food even less...sad day XD
Jeff D. and Me! So I also got to drive my mom's car while I was on my trip (...let's have a moment of silence, for my mom sold my car while I was away so I had to drive hers...Albeit she technically bought it and used it sometimes...meh...) and that's what influenced me to draw this comic!
Hannah and Me! So on the Legacy Tent rack-up it said this and I promised Hannah that I would draw this for her ;) that and it quite tickled my funny bone!

So you might notice that it's Thursday and that I am posting this rather's because I couldn't get to a scanner and I'm sorry ;) also I still haven't decided on a name for my character...I still can't decide on one X( not that it really matters...but yeah... :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

week 50

Hey guys~ So I skipped a week last week--I guess my sentiments of the week before caught up with me--but I did manage to get in some good comics this week! Enjoy~!Daniel, me, and customers! So I've been getting a lot of compliments about the food we serve these past few weeks (if not ever since I've worked for catering) and I noted the need to set the record straight. If you want to compliment the caterers, you should probably say something like "oh! Those carrots were placed JUST right on my plate! Best placed carrots I've ever seen!" or "The way you served me my plate in was so open and inviting! You must have SUCH balance."...things like that. So I decided to try and pay a tribute to our BYU chefs. Albeit I guess we choose who we get our food from to cater to our customers...but really the chefs are the ones that cook so awesomely...
Me! Ok so Richard B. (no I am not going to attempt his last name) suggested this scene from 'Mouse Trap' because of the copious amounts of rack-ups in the third floor kitchen for football. :D I did the best I could hehe.
Anastacia, Me, and Shanlee! So I have been miffed multiple times when pastry and veg prep take our carts or complain about not having enough or not having a cart to do a rack-up on, etc. to the point that I petition for more via a comic. Yes, the cry will forever go onward "Buy more Carts!"
Me, Kirk, Scott, and Tammy! All three of us were in Kirk's office asking about rack-ups and out of the blue I was chastised for pacing! I didn't know I had such power to unnerve Kirk, but alas with great power comes great responsibility...riiiiiight. I made a comic about it. I also remember that Tammy gave me the original idea...but I forgot what it involved Tammy having a halo and me in a time-out chair but I forget the dialogue. Sad day...
Me! So when I organized the fifth floor prop room the other month I put the little cougar figurines in gargoyle-esk places for my own amusement. As the weeks went by I steadily noticed a decline in the amount of cougar figurines with heads. So much so that the fifth floor prop room began to have a rather eerie sense to it so that 'Beauty and the Beast' music would begin to play in my head.
Scott, Captain Sid, Tammy, and me! I had a banquet akin to this one whilst this one was going on and thought said experiences deserved depiction. :D

So what would you guys think if I gave the character that is 'me' in these comics an iconic name? See, I'm in the process of changing the cartoon version of myself. I've only changed it once before and that was when I first cut my hair drastically 6 years ago. So yes, I want to keep the character I've been using for 'Go Catering' and she needs a name...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

week 49! lucky you!

I had every intention of not doing comics this week, but luckily for all who read this (whomever you may be) Nancy gave me the most pitiable face yesterday that I went home and drew at least two for your giggle-inducing pleasure. I'll add comments later ;) but I wasn't kidding when I said I was busy this week! Enjoy~!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

week 48!

Ok, just forewarning you, I got a little carried away this week. Not only was there University Conference, but I also have had a few ideas for comics that have just been bursting inside of me waiting to be drawn! Oh...and there's football :D whoot! Go cougars! Anyways, Enjoy~!

Sid, Anastacia, and Me!There's nothing better to do when on a stressful banquet than to listen in on what's being said over the radio because you know that's where the example of a more 'stressful' banquet is to be found XD just kidding...usually it's me over the radio anyways %(

Anyways, thank you Stacy for providing us with a little comic relief. May we always use 'making the broken-bulb sound' in our daily lives! ;)
Me, Tina, Tammy, and Anastacia! Ah...Maple Syrup...what's even more ironic is that we went to IHOP later that week :D But I got stuff without Syrup...ok it has NOT scarred me, but it's still ridiculous how much syrup there was!
Ladies attending Education Week, Me, Marie, Mitchel, Michael, and an Old Man attending education week! Education Week also brought about the advent of Catering taking on it's mercenary duties by lending it's staff out to other places on campus (see other comics). But I've always wanted to do this comic, and now I can (with a little addition of humorous flair)!
I think his name was Trenton?, Nikki, and me! haha. This happened on Tammy's banquet...but I thought I'd show what happened on back at the WILK (she was Out of Building). :D
Me, Sid, and Richard! I was approached with the idea of doing a 'Captain Sid' series...perhaps it'll continue just like I intend for my other running gags. :D

:D I did a few more comics than the usually intended...less than 8...anyways the other three are in the next post! So Enjoy~!

Week Joe!

So you know those weeks that you work with the same person, like, all the time? Well this week I had the 'privilege' (jk) of working with Joe S. and I have to say he is an excellent source of comics. Ensuite, Enjoy!

Little Girl Joe made cry, Me, and Joe S.! Forward: People don't realize the power of comics. You can say something happened a certain way...but really in the end it happens the way I want it to happen because I can embody you in cartoon form for all eternity! I should become a history writer...*sigh* ok, soo i really am not that heartless! Anyways this comic embodies whatREALLY happened. It was a beautiful sunny University Conference morning. I was a humble and lowly wait staff and Joe was my captain. I was busy fishing out drinks for 3/4's of 4500 people when Joe comes up and 'hides' an endangered (meaning it was going fast) chocolate milk because he doesn't like Orange Juice. Well, eventually we ran out and we were only handing out Orange Juice when a family comes up with a little girl. I had to tell that little girl that there was nothing to be had but OJ! Ensuite...she yells "BUT I DON'T WANT ORANGE JUICE" and starts to cry. Karen dutifully tells Joe that he made a little girl cry. Who am I to be an insubordinate to my captain! He was the one that set it aside! *innocent look* :D
Me and Joe S.! So my adventures with Joe continued this week at the Honors Banquet. :D As a side note, this banquet marks my one year mark at catering! Cool huh? Anyways, he and I were trafficking dishes to and from the Morris Center because of the changing of dishwashers in the WILK when there was one flat cart that was trying to pull a 'Free Willy' and escape off the Dock at the Morris Center. We've all witnessed such carts and we all know how horrible it would be if it fell! We both realized it at the same time and stopped it a few feet from the end of the dock and that is what inspired this comic. :D
Me, Nancy W., Rebecca, Joe S., and James W.! This happened at football (whoot!) and of course it was all in jest. But it was worthy of being embodied in comic form. Yes that is James at the dock ;) and if he does actually get a bean bag I might just have to accidentally spill maple syrup all over it XD.

p.s. I suppose these are considered 'extras' cause I didn't put them up in the third floor kitchen. It's not that I'm trying to get more people to come to this website *shifty eyes* it's that if you look at the board I put these up's awfully crowded. I feel kinda bad consuming a board that belongs to everyone ;_; so yeah...