Monday, November 9, 2009

week 85!

Hey guys! Look! Only 15 weeks away from my 100th week! So cool! Anyways, enjoy the comics as always~!

This is Jeff the Caterin' Penguin. I drew him. He exists. And he's adorable!!! So I thought I'd share him.
Charly as Hermione, Harry Potter, Stellar Hoffman as Ron, Joe as Joe, Draco, and Ryan as Goyle! So I've always wanted to apply Harry Potter to catering. I also noticed that I feel like I have to fight for my trucks a lot more this year, but that's because I'm the opener and everyone wants to steal them from me before I'm done with them.
Kirsten and Me! So we got a butt-load of xs women's vests and I've had this comment made to me many a times that it just had to made into a comic. I mentioned this to Kirk, and he says he's getting a more rational amount of other sizes of vests in the future, so no worries there. Remember, anorexia is not the answer and you are beautiful the way you are. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Late week 84!!!

Ok, so this week has been a problem child. None-the-less, here they are, and, en, joy!

Me and Laura! So Laura doesn't like to wear the carving hat. Therefore, any captains that read this, please make her wear it. :)

Me! So a ridiculous amount of signs have shown up in the third floor kitchen and it's various appendages, I HAD to make fun of it. Mind you I have only contributed one!