Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 73 and 74~!

So yes, I skipped last week, but I still got around to it! Yay for me? :D Enjoy~!

Two Women's Conference Ladies and Me! This was my favorite quote from Women's Conference. It just fills me with such joy and completeness. Why you might ask? Because it is SO TRUE! I can relate. I didn't like Brownies all that much before I had BYU Brownies.

Miss Piggy, WC Lady, and Me! This happened, oh I don't know, about every time someone ordered a Pork Pita with Jerk Sauce for Women's Conference (WC)...oh, and if you were wondering...

The Catering Pita's
  1. Miss Piggy= Pork + Jerk Sauce (because she's one saucy pig!)
  2. Kermit the Frog= Chicken + Jerk Sauce (because Miss Piggy and Kermit always go together! My other reason that no one accepted was that frog tasted like chicken...)
  3. Colonel Sanders= Chicken + Sweet and Sour Sauce (Cause he sells chicken and he's sweet)
  4. Pirate= Pork + Sweet and Sour Sauce (Cause Pirates are sweet and sour! Like POTC!)
  5. Samurai= Pork + Teriyaki Sauce (I imagine you can see why...)
  6. Ninja= Chicken + Teriyaki Sauce (Once again...but Samurai's are cooler so they are the stronger sounding meat! Right?!)
  7. Cowboy= Pork + BBQ Sauce (Cause Cowboys use BBQ...and chicken was taken...)
  8. Big Bird= Chicken + BBQ (Cause BB stands for Big Bird! Plus, BBQ sauce is basically sugar...)
Me, James T. Kirk, Spock, and the Doctor guy! Come on, every one of us has thought of a famous Captain from a movie or book and wished that someone WITH that name would work for catering and become a captain!!! :DCaptain Moroni and Me! I figured whilst I was at it with the previous comic... Basically I had Capt Kirk and Moroni's facial expressions embody what I thought someone's face would look like if I told them this connection with Captains at catering and other, more famous, captains irl...