Monday, July 28, 2008

week 43

Foreword: YAY! I am now up-to-date with comics and what week they are irl :D aren't you proud of me! I'm just going to say that after this week I will be attaching a little (c) to all of my drawings :( I don't want them mis-used per-say. But don't think that I still haven't copyrighted the rest of my works :( they are still mine~Anyways...that's that.
Hugging EFY kid, David L., and me! :) Ah, I have to say it would be rather impossible to draw this event in all of it's ridiculous glory, so I didn't try. But I think this comic portrays the EFY kid rather well.
Jacob L., random waitstaff, David L., Brian, and me! Oh, yes, I suppose we mess around sometimes...but we WERE cleaning the floor. We'd hate for the little kiddies to trip because of a sticky floor, wouldn't we?
Me and Hellen! What? Do they not trust us anymore? Did we get someone angry in the WILK? :( oh...and if you can't read what the cutlery is saying just comment and I'll edit this post...*squints at the picture* man, even I can't read it...ok, Forks: "oh noes" Knife 1:"But...but...what if we don't get polished?!" Knife two:"Pull yourself together knife!" :D update...the doorknobs ARE back...I just over-reacted.
Two random waitstaff, me, and Ashley Kay! The EFY dance! How could I not let it live on forever in comic form? Yes, one day this will be in a museum 200 years from now and they will base their opinion of how our society lived from this comic...yes...

Allie, Ruth, Marie, and me! This is an extra comic for blog-viewers only! I drew two comics on the Saturday banquet where we were anxiously engaged in restocking the buffet line, and my crew were marvelous sources of inspiration. Eminating evil and all that jazz...but we had fun :)

week 42

Me and Alex! Ah, acronyms, gotta luv' em.
RT, Sid, David L., and me! extension of my movie theme from last week
Me and Michael J! ok...this will not be funny NOR make sense unless you've at least heard the song from "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" and know the basic plot line, ok? Besides...I would never eat another person anyways X( ok, maybe I was just having a weird week this week. One of my favorite teachers can tell how I'm feeling just from my drawings, so I wonder about myself when I draw things about cannibalism.
Lots of random wait staff, Whitney, Hannah, and me! haha, I had just watched an episode of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" before I got the idea for this and it's the episode in which Blue says the 'ultimate cool' you can get is from wearing sunglasses. So one day when I feel so inclined, I will buy my crew at work sunglasses so we can all be unsurpassably cool...and so that I can tell them apart from anyone else's crew as well ;)

week 41

Foreword: Yay for Movies! And who woulda thunk that Catering could be associated with them ;) Well, they do in my mind and as such they do in my comics, Enjoy!

Tammy, Jacob L., Anastasia, and me! Ah, oh so applicable, n'est-ce pas?

Lucius Fox: Let me get this straight. You think that your employer, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is spending his nights running around the city beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands. And your plan is to blackmail this person? Good luck.- "The Dark Knight"

Kirk, A batman cardboard cut-out, and me!
Me, Michelle, and Karen! We were discussing my pocketwatch at work one day and we got into a wonderful sarcastic-joking-ness state and it went basically like this comic.
Me, the grounds man, Karen, and Barret! One day I'll buy my own pop-up tent just so I can tie string to it and see if it'll fly :) Oh-e-oh e-oooooh-oh.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

week 40

McKayla, Ruth, and me! Ah, myself and fellow co-worker were loading the truck one day and it was just making the most random it was talking...yes...
Jenny, Tammy, and me! Tired+trying to explain a meal to someone=three pounds of chicken on a plate ;)
Scott, Michael J., Kirk, and me! :D if you were wondering where it came from, here it is~
David L., Ashley Kay, and me! One day, with all of the glorious coke reward points we collect (or used to collect) we will one day own a catering segway :D...nevermind about that, won't happen...

week 39

Two EFY kids, David L., and me! Ah, EFY kids. They were talking about so called 'heckling' some random people playing basketball.
Elizabeth, Jenny, and me! This was an interesting day, when it seems like everything on your banquet is going wrong and there's a blackout at you have it.
Random wait staff, Alicia, Scott, and me! Yeah, 3-4 page rack-ups are fun no?
EFY kid and me! :D I just feel so awesome when I hit one of these things open with my knees! :D

Friday, July 25, 2008

week 35!

Courtney, Elizabeth, and me! Courtney claims that this was how Boy Scouts originally saluted each other...that and it's just plain amusing ;) we were on EFY on the first out-of-building EFY and we came up with this. Whoot for me and my crew.
Hannah and me! Oh yes, you who have worked EFY lunches know what this is about. That's right...nod your head in assent.

week 35-ishesh

The 3rd floor kitchen scheduling board, fun board, and employee board! So I tried a new format of putting up my comics this summer, 8 up every two weeks instead of 2-3ish every week...which I don't like now that I look back...but I put myself in the quote boards shoes for once (quite the imagination I know) and this is what came out ;)
Anastasia, Joe S., Jessie, and me! Hah Hah Hah, so there was an article in the Daily Universe in the Opinion section incredulously reported that the Creamery ice cream has alcohol in it. Of course it's because of cooking and the vanilla and such...but hey, you can't be too careful!
Alicia and me! Ahhhhhh, the bump was a 12th of an inch tall and yet it toppled a 7 foot tall tower of glass and plastic. It was quite the experience I'd rather not repeat :p

week 35-ish

Thousands of EFY kids and me! hehe, this happens more often at the morris center to tell the truth, but I liked imagining the ballroom group doing it better.
>.<>You always joke about it. Hazcom training all because we use pink and blue...disinfectant and windex respectively...which might I add that if every person had to get training for that then every person I know would have to sit through ;)

Captain Helga, Tammy, and Michael J.! So this was suggested by my crew members when I lifted the truck gate all by myself. That and closed the back of the truck door with one hand and the other crew member had to do it with two...:)

week 34

Secretary in the ESC, random wait staff, and me!So this was from when i had a 3 person banquet ;) and I was the only person and I KNEW I didn't make half of the spills that I ended up cleaning...but being the magnanimous person that I am I cleaned up most of them anyways.
Anastasia, Jeff, Whitney, and me! Oh how I wish I could grill a happy face onto all of my burgers.

My Grandpa and me! haha, this was in honor of me going home and my loving grandpa who asked me some random questions about catering.

week 33

Whitney, Joe, a lady attending women's conference, and me! Hah Hah Hah...oh man, goodness, rofl. I LOVE this one :D MAN I'm a genius! Ah...anyways I had to do a banquet for some conference or other and one of my waitstaff noted that we had to keep telling our customers what the sandwiches were. I have drawn said waitstaff before acting like a shouting dinosaur, and this image immediately popped into my head. *sigh* so good. But yeah, I am also noting some of my idiosyncrasies and chastising myself in my should try it sometime.
Tammy, Brian, Nancy, David L., and me! Whoot captain cardgame! I love my crews!Jessie, Shanlee, and me!Two words...awesome bruise...

week 32

Anastasia and me! Yes...Philanthropies is all I've got to say to this. That and I need to perhaps cut back on my math intake. Shame on me doing math at work ;)

Tammy, Sid, and me!Yay for another installment of the Captain's Card

week 31

Ruth and me! :D not that I have ever done this ;) Anyways, with this comic I was hoping to do a series of "Things catering has taught me" and I will...I just...actually I forgot ;p But that can change!
2 random people and me(x2)!So I figured I was at BYU and it was ok to quote scripture. There WILL be more of these, as soon as I find some good scriptures ;) I have one in the making actually :D

week 30

See comic ;)!In leu of my first comic that I did for Catering, I decided to do another one scene propaganda for catering. The good propaganda is in the first post *points down the webpage* and this one here is the 'bad' propaganda. ;)

Anastasia and me!Ah, so this was on a random day at catering where I came in with the intent to do a rack-up, when I saw my fellow co-workers ;) working on cleaning out the closed cards. It was suggested that I clean my own closed cart as I joke...but being the person I am I took them seriously and actually cleaned it (hey, it was hours~) That is what inspired this loverly comic...that and 'Merry Poppins'.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Me!This is the site for my 'Go Catering!' comic series. *yay* I won't be putting up volume 1 because I went through so much work getting it onto CD that I like to think it wasn't a waste of time ;p.
The title and end date of this, volume 2,of catering is unknown as of yet, but stay tuned as I get up to date on uploading these things :)