Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 58

And with this post I am officially caught up in my weekly timeline :D I'm sort sad that I didn't get a Thanksgiving themed cartoon in...oh wells, Enjoy~!Anastacia, Richard B., and Meme! Make fun of my cartoons will you :p
Daniel and Meme! :D
Anastacia and Meme! So I was on a banquet when I noticed that there were sacrament trays in the prep room. I made sure that they didn't come back with us in my little "look around to see if we got everything" phase of clearing out of the building banquets.

Brian G., Meme, Karen, and Barbara! So this is the closest I got to referring to Thanksgiving adventures. I saw Madagascar II and I just thought the scene with the penguins applied to catering quite nicely!

Week 57 Explosion!!!!

Hey guys! A mere two weeks later and I've got the comics up like promised! :D Enjoy~!

Jonathan and Meme! Ok. Sometimes as captains we are required to correct the grooming standards of our wait staff. For me personally this comes in random spurts where I just criticize everyone in my range. But this was completely rational! As soon as he walked into the room I noticed the white belt! Then he 'showed me' by wearing a reversible one...X( man...I feel like one of those people who size up a person by first looking at their shoes or something like that...except horrible construed by catering...
Robby, Joe, Meme, and Melissa! I've always wanted to share my weird hobby of making connections to things that no one else just seems like a lost art though. Anyways, if you are akin to my comic Melissa and don't get my reference with the other hot can get it XD
Mike, CougarEat student manager, Meme! So catering and the cougareat are in a constant battle over the hallway in the dishroom. Having been chastised about this in the captain's meeting, I set out to better compromise with them in the future. When we came across the problem again (that very day after the meeting in fact) this is how it went down.
CESM:"Hey, if you don't mind I'm going to move you're catering stuff into the hallway by the ballroom"
Me:"Well the thing is that 801 doesn't want us putting it there so I don't thing you should"
CESM:"Are you sure?"
Me: "Um...yes. You can ask you're supervisor Mike if you'd like"
CESM: "Yeah I think I'll do that."
Then I keep doing the dishes for a bit when I realize some potential mischievousness. I crammed all of the carts into the small opening behind the loading part of the dishwasher and made it so you couldn't even see our carts from the other end of the hallway. Yes I did get a greeaaat amount of self-satisfaction when Mike came and saw nothing and went away with a bemused CESM. muahaha...
Jeff, Ruth, and Meme! There are just some banquets that go wrong (like at the Clyde building where there are NO rooms built with catering in mind) and as a captain you simply do your best and wing it. :D Fun times!
Meme and Dana! yay for play on words :D

More to come! :D