Wednesday, August 27, 2008

week 47

I believe this week requires a bit of explanation. There went on a thing called Education Week...this week. People come and take classes-religiously related I believe-and Catering does an awful lot of stuff for them. But this year we went above and beyond. We helped out two other food services on campus because they were short workers. The CougarEat and the Cannon Center...boy howdy. Perhaps the feelings that follow are unique to myself only, but I have embodied two out of the thousands of things I experienced this past week in my beloved comics, and I hope you Enjoy~!

Allan's wife and me! This comic is dedicated to the wonderful woman who I know as Allan's wife...I really should have learned her name. Not only did she make every mind-numbing day at the cougareat better by her wonderful-ness, she also gave me a $4 coupon for Subway. I <3 $4 coupons. XD Also, she was the hardest worker there. She comes even with some of the horror stories I have heard from others at catering when it comes to working long hours. She has my undying respect.
Karen and me! Oh man. This was my main gripe about not working for catering. I wasn't given free food. So this is what I imagined went through their heads. Secretly the Cannon Center is an evil diabolical organization bent on getting in between me and my food (see my thought bubble ;) yes...yes they are >:(
Marie, Michael J., and me! So it was an early morning banquet and we were unloading the truck. Now, in the mornings my mind tends to process thoughts more like movies and less like thought processes. So as I was carrying water to the lift I saw in my head that Marie would catch the package of water I was about to throw at her...but she didn't. Ensuite, I was made fun of the rest of the morning and this comic came to be ;)
Mitch, Joe S., Holly, and me! I should find out when the dishwasher was put in...then I can do a eulogy for it...because it deserves one that's why! We'll see if I like the new dishwasher or not...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

week 46

Me and Marie's Mom! So this past summer semester I was bragging like the...braggart...I am about taking a drawing class to my wonderful co-workers when one begins to ask more questions like "what class are you in?" and "who's your teacher?" My curiosity is-of course-peaked and I ask why she is asking so many questions...turns out her mother is in my class! It was weird at first...but then I got to start hearing funny stories about said co-worker and I got to like her mom too ;) and her mom's drawings :D and her mom's cooking XD
Me, random waitstaff, and Tina! *sigh* This happened on the H-E-double hockey sticks banquet and, once again, when I looked back it was actually quite amusing. :D
Me and Tammy! Pssh, after this week at work I might be willing to pay for this myself! All joking aside...someone could seriously make money by offering cots on campus for naps...who wants to sleep on grass and get sunburned?
Me! *sigh* I <3 veg prep and pastry and the kitchen...but I don't like playing squish-me-between-fifteen-carts-to-get-to-the-one-I-need...most of the time XD

week 45-Olympics!

Olympics-wise...I usually don't watch them unless I come upon someone else doing so. I just don't like to watch sports alone :( It's not as fun I guess. Sorry these are a week late, but remember my goal is really just two a week, but I've been averaging four now-a-days...Oh wells, Enjoy~!
Me, Stephen C., Tammy, and Melissa! The infamous 12 oz. challenge! After serving a chocolate fountain you race to see who can chug a 12 oz cup of chocolate! I'll have to do this next time...*looks pointedly at the legacy tent*
David L., me, and Joe S.! Now you can't tell me that you've never raced large hot keepers or closed carts before...but remember! Safety first! :(
Me, Tammy, Scott, and Peter! Scott actually came up with this one. But only after I mentioned my 'Catering Olympics' to there?
Me, Tina, Marie, and Nikki! :D My old roomie was watching gymnastics the other night and I just couldn't get it out of my head how awesome they are! So one day when I have the upper body strength, I'll demonstrate someof my mad gymnastic skills for you all...*laughs heartily at such a goal*

Monday, August 11, 2008

week 44!

I'll add comments later :D for now simply enjoy :D
Yay for updates!
Me, Nikki, Anastasia, and Daniel! So I was informed that on multiple occasions this occurs on banquets. I have yet to be on one (sad day I know) but I made a comic all the same, and it's worth a good chuckle.
Troll, Lucifer, RT, and me! :D ah, I love this comic. It came from a conversation I had with RT about a banquet I had

RT: Oh, so how was your banquet?
Me: *pause* Hell...
RT: did you get to see Satan? That would be an interesting banquet. "Hey...excuse me...Prince of Darkness? Yeah...can I pre-set the desserts?"

and it made me very happy. Which is what I didn't want at the time because I wanted to be angry and fuss like a 5 year old. But now I laugh about it ^.^
Me (x2) and David L.! I've been using the word aneurysm a lot at work I thought I'd dedicate a comic to it...and besides WHO SPELL SECURITY WRONG!!! Let alone engrave it in metal? What the heck?

Oh wow...I looked up the definition (on the 'All-knowing' wikapedia *rolls eyes*) and it's not exactly what I thought it was...But it sounds good when I say it like I do so I'll keep using it as I like...anyways
Me Melissa, Anastasia, and Tina! It was a late night at the WILK and Staci was closing when she told me to get her something for a rack-up...and she pointed at it with her spoon/pen and a nice swishing motion. So nice in fact that we laughed at it for about 5 minutes and then continued on our merry way. It was worth dedicating a comic to. That and it is too much fun drawing people as flying monkeys.


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