Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 80~!

Hey guys! So I've got a couple of comics for you today. One of them from a captain's meeting and one a tribute to some other comics that I've been reading. I WOULD have had them up yesterday but then I decided today would be a better day to put it up. Enjoy~!

EFY kid! So in our meeting, we were discussing treating all of our customers as equals. Specifically the EFY kiddies. They don't just go through the line, get their apple, brownie, and lunch and are automatically happy from the various increments of food. They are PEOPLE! And all I got out of this lecture is this comic. That EFY kids have a happiness bar and it is slowly filled by food items. :D on the last phase with the brownie, you should probably imagine this in the background.

Brooke and Me! There is a great website called Left-Handed Toons(by right-handed people) and I love them! I just hope I'm not infringing on any rights by doing this tribute comic...but I've been wanting to do this pun for a LONG time and couldn't think of an excuse to do so because it was so horrible. But I felt what I came up with is in tune with the websites humor...though not nearly as good I would imagine. Basically I drew this whole comic (writing and all) with my left-hand. Cool huh?

Also, good news! It has been one year since I started this blog! :D But not one year since I started comics...but yay anyways!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Transformers: Catering version

Well, seeing as everyone but me basically likes the new transformers movie ( I haven't seen it and don't intend to) I thought I'd do a little tribute to the transformers by taking every day catering things and attempting to come up with the robot form.

A catering radio!DS-72 :D <3

The Ice machine

This post concludes my current updates. I hope those who read'em enjoyed'em and I'll keep bringing more!

Week 78 and 79!

Forward: These are comics I did on vacation but never got around to putting up until I got back from...vacation. The first three (week 78) were done because my sister wanted to be in my comics. As is tradition, I usually make fun of people who make requests, so these are some things that I've been teasing my sister about. I suppose this system is detrimental to me being given ideas...but it amuses me and therefore I mean no offense, just amusement...if that makes sense? Anyways, Enjoy~!
Sierra and Me! So my sister went to a Spanish speaking mission and also just got back from it. So, instead of writing 'hahaha' she writes 'jajaja' in our little facebook chat and I often smirk whenever she does because it's just weird to me to laugh with a j that's pronounced as an h. Also she has already got into the swing of technology despite her short escape from it and I just threw that in there too.
Sierra and Me! So my room back home is basically a storage space now. Despite that fact, I left it in a rather horribly messy state, so when I came home to visit, my sister kindly reminded me of this fact. The comic above is also something she said when I got back and when she said it, she had the most serious face on that I almost thought she meant it. I know she WISHES it, hehe, but if I were to teach my bird anything it would be this.
Trio, Trio, Trio! So I'm 100% positive that this habit of mine is completely immature and unnecessairy, but when I am reunited with both my brother and sister, I ALWAYS check to see if I'm still second tallest. I never want to be the tallest because then I'd have to be at least 6 ft 6 inches and I'll just leave that to my cousin.
Dakota and Me! This is how I think I got the swine flu. I'm not even sure it WAS the swine flu, but I did get sick from my brother whilst at home and when you read the description of a disease whilst sick you start to fit facts to a theory instead of a theory to fit the facts.

Me and the EFY kiddies! So I swear we go through so many paper sacks at EFY and I can't figure out how! This cartoon, however, is my best guess at what does happen.

week 77! :D

Hey guys! So I have been gone for a bit, which is hardly a plus for my 'consistency record'. But I am glad to report that I've got some comics for you today with more on the way! :D Enjoy~!

Dean and Me! So I had told my family about the trucks I drive at catering and one day I was driving my dad's truck with my little bro when he said the smashing phrase portrayed in this comic and I really just had to apply it to a comic.

Sierra and Me! My sister loves the dolphins at Sea World and everytime I see the picture of the dolphin in the shirt room that tells me to smile, I think of my sister...and that the dolphin just looks plain silly with name tags in it's mouth as if it were to eat them. I won't name any names... but you know who you are.
Me and Mele! So we as Captain's (well, at least I know I do) always joke about this policy; not because we don't enforce it, but because it uses the word termination. hehe.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Prelude? Prequel?'s a pre-post

Hey guys! So I am working on the comics that I've been stockpiling for awhile now and will be putting them the near future. But I thought I'd give you some food for thought in that two of the comics have to do with the following two pictures :D I'm sure you can guess where at least one of them is heading towards.