Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week 68!

You know...we all have sad tales to tell and reasons why we are a week behind in blogging. But I'm going to look past that today and just relish in the joy that is comics, for I have some for you now! Enjoy~!
Tammy and me! So I really wanted to go home early one day this past week and this is what I imagined I could do to make it 'come to pass' so to speak. I am quite lucky when it comes to spinning wheels. Especially rigged ones.
Ruth, me, and a random customer! So I love to draw Ruth's hair. Just like I like to draw my swirly eyes, it gives me great pleasure to be able to incorporate these things into my comics. This one did actually happen. I was quoting Tool Time when a customer came up to this scene of Ruth and I messing around. Needless to say it wasn't very professional, and we refrained from goofing off again until the customer was WELL out of hearing range...and sight... :D

Well, I hope you enjoyed them. :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Minute Wonder Two

So yes again...I didn't do comics this week. But I had a minute to doodle something that happened at the Hinckley Center yesterday and I hope you enjoy~!

So everyone that has been to the Hinckley center knows the elevators there. They are annoying. If I am ever asked for an example of an annoying voice, I will tell them to go listen to the Hinckley Center elevator voice and they will understand what I mean. I was also in a sour mood yesterday and, wanting to pick a fight, said this to the elevator. One day the voice box will start talking back to me...and that will be the day it's no longer annoying but horribly terrifying!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Minute Wonder One

So I have a big midterm this week and find that I won't be able to draw comics like I had planned. So I decided to try something new. There's a website that I participate in that they give you a word and then you write on it for 1 minute. Well that's what I'm going to do here i.e. I'm going to make a comic in under a minute. They won't be anything fancy and I'll probably save the jokes I like the most for well drawn comics...but yeah. Enjoy all the same~!

Me and a random wait staff! So this past week the dishroom changed it's cleaning supply. To us, it just means that it's a different color. I know Hazcom man would have a fit that I don't yet know it's name, but I've never known pinks name either sadly (DPF 72 or something like that) ...That being sad, the old sanitizer was pink and the new one is yellow...but telling someone to yellow and blue doesn't have the same ring as telling them to pink and blue. As far as I'm concerned, it's still pink and I'm not color blind.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 67!

Whoot! It's a Monday guys! You know what that means! Comics!!! :D Whoot! Enjoy~!

Richard, Jason, and Me! So I saw another catering company on campus the other day and decided that we needed a catering mafia. Of course...it would just have to be an enigmatic being in catering that slowly took out other caterers and the members thereof were unbeknownst to everyone else...haha...I had to look up the uniform for Jason's Deli and it was actually online!!! HA~! But what would be the worst that BYU students would do? Make the other caterers feel guilty?

President Obama, Me, President Eyring, and President Monson! Wow...I didn't think I'd ever be in the same sentence as those people...I should write sentences with my name and famous people more often...anyways, so I doubt this comic would ever be true. I would be very excited to serve the President of the United States of America and quite star struck when giving President Obama his dessert. Just not as excited as I would be to serve someone I revere as much as President Monson.
Me and Mariah! Mariah actually came up with this idea...because she was the one that actually looked it up. I looked it up...but I didn't want to make a comic about my definition. I've met many a wait staff who have to have me repeat and explain what I'm asking for when I request chaffers. So no worries guys, just don't bring me any bugs please. I have no sympathy for them. Plus I'd just let chaffer's go, and that would be bad for the Provo ecosystem!