Tuesday, January 5, 2010

week 86

So here are some comics I did over the break! I busted out a calligraphy pen (oh so sweet) and realized that a lot of artists that I admire must use these kinds of pens because I recognize the flow of the ink from many drawings that I admire. Anyways, here are some comics, and enjoy~!

Laura and Me! I had the opportunity to serve my Econ professors and they were coming down the buffet line and I just didn't know what to say! Especially since I had just presented a paper to one of them. So I said hi and then pretended to be busy for the rest of the banquet. :P
Me, Brooke, and Kirk! A new trainer position had opened up at catering when I drew this and I thought it was an ever so clever play on words...or ideas. Whatever. Anyways, congrats to the new trainers! You know who you are...
Marie and Me! So every so often I like to be ridiculous. Having a bigger rack-up doesn't actually mean anything other than the fact that I take too much stuff out on banquets. Nonetheless, mine is bigger :P