Tuesday, September 23, 2008

week 50

Hey guys~ So I skipped a week last week--I guess my sentiments of the week before caught up with me--but I did manage to get in some good comics this week! Enjoy~!Daniel, me, and customers! So I've been getting a lot of compliments about the food we serve these past few weeks (if not ever since I've worked for catering) and I noted the need to set the record straight. If you want to compliment the caterers, you should probably say something like "oh! Those carrots were placed JUST right on my plate! Best placed carrots I've ever seen!" or "The way you served me my plate in was so open and inviting! You must have SUCH balance."...things like that. So I decided to try and pay a tribute to our BYU chefs. Albeit I guess we choose who we get our food from to cater to our customers...but really the chefs are the ones that cook so awesomely...
Me! Ok so Richard B. (no I am not going to attempt his last name) suggested this scene from 'Mouse Trap' because of the copious amounts of rack-ups in the third floor kitchen for football. :D I did the best I could hehe.
Anastacia, Me, and Shanlee! So I have been miffed multiple times when pastry and veg prep take our carts or complain about not having enough or not having a cart to do a rack-up on, etc. to the point that I petition for more via a comic. Yes, the cry will forever go onward "Buy more Carts!"
Me, Kirk, Scott, and Tammy! All three of us were in Kirk's office asking about rack-ups and out of the blue I was chastised for pacing! I didn't know I had such power to unnerve Kirk, but alas with great power comes great responsibility...riiiiiight. Anyways...so I made a comic about it. I also remember that Tammy gave me the original idea...but I forgot what it was...it involved Tammy having a halo and me in a time-out chair but I forget the dialogue. Sad day...
Me! So when I organized the fifth floor prop room the other month I put the little cougar figurines in gargoyle-esk places for my own amusement. As the weeks went by I steadily noticed a decline in the amount of cougar figurines with heads. So much so that the fifth floor prop room began to have a rather eerie sense to it so that 'Beauty and the Beast' music would begin to play in my head.
Scott, Captain Sid, Tammy, and me! I had a banquet akin to this one whilst this one was going on and thought said experiences deserved depiction. :D

So what would you guys think if I gave the character that is 'me' in these comics an iconic name? See, I'm in the process of changing the cartoon version of myself. I've only changed it once before and that was when I first cut my hair drastically 6 years ago. So yes, I want to keep the character I've been using for 'Go Catering' and she needs a name...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

week 49! lucky you!

I had every intention of not doing comics this week, but luckily for all who read this (whomever you may be) Nancy gave me the most pitiable face yesterday that I went home and drew at least two for your giggle-inducing pleasure. I'll add comments later ;) but I wasn't kidding when I said I was busy this week! Enjoy~!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

week 48!

Ok, just forewarning you, I got a little carried away this week. Not only was there University Conference, but I also have had a few ideas for comics that have just been bursting inside of me waiting to be drawn! Oh...and there's football :D whoot! Go cougars! Anyways, Enjoy~!

Sid, Anastacia, and Me!There's nothing better to do when on a stressful banquet than to listen in on what's being said over the radio because you know that's where the example of a more 'stressful' banquet is to be found XD just kidding...usually it's me over the radio anyways %(

Anyways, thank you Stacy for providing us with a little comic relief. May we always use 'making the broken-bulb sound' in our daily lives! ;)
Me, Tina, Tammy, and Anastacia! Ah...Maple Syrup...what's even more ironic is that we went to IHOP later that week :D But I got stuff without Syrup...ok it has NOT scarred me, but it's still ridiculous how much syrup there was!
Ladies attending Education Week, Me, Marie, Mitchel, Michael, and an Old Man attending education week! Education Week also brought about the advent of Catering taking on it's mercenary duties by lending it's staff out to other places on campus (see other comics). But I've always wanted to do this comic, and now I can (with a little addition of humorous flair)!
I think his name was Trenton?, Nikki, and me! haha. This happened on Tammy's banquet...but I thought I'd show what happened on back at the WILK (she was Out of Building). :D
Me, Sid, and Richard! I was approached with the idea of doing a 'Captain Sid' series...perhaps it'll continue just like I intend for my other running gags. :D

:D I did a few more comics than the usually intended...less than 8...anyways the other three are in the next post! So Enjoy~!

Week Joe!

So you know those weeks that you work with the same person, like, all the time? Well this week I had the 'privilege' (jk) of working with Joe S. and I have to say he is an excellent source of comics. Ensuite, Enjoy!

Little Girl Joe made cry, Me, and Joe S.! Forward: People don't realize the power of comics. You can say something happened a certain way...but really in the end it happens the way I want it to happen because I can embody you in cartoon form for all eternity! I should become a history writer...*sigh* ok, soo i really am not that heartless! Anyways this comic embodies whatREALLY happened. It was a beautiful sunny University Conference morning. I was a humble and lowly wait staff and Joe was my captain. I was busy fishing out drinks for 3/4's of 4500 people when Joe comes up and 'hides' an endangered (meaning it was going fast) chocolate milk because he doesn't like Orange Juice. Well, eventually we ran out and we were only handing out Orange Juice when a family comes up with a little girl. I had to tell that little girl that there was nothing to be had but OJ! Ensuite...she yells "BUT I DON'T WANT ORANGE JUICE" and starts to cry. Karen dutifully tells Joe that he made a little girl cry. Who am I to be an insubordinate to my captain! He was the one that set it aside! *innocent look* :D
Me and Joe S.! So my adventures with Joe continued this week at the Honors Banquet. :D As a side note, this banquet marks my one year mark at catering! Cool huh? Anyways, he and I were trafficking dishes to and from the Morris Center because of the changing of dishwashers in the WILK when there was one flat cart that was trying to pull a 'Free Willy' and escape off the Dock at the Morris Center. We've all witnessed such carts and we all know how horrible it would be if it fell! We both realized it at the same time and stopped it a few feet from the end of the dock and that is what inspired this comic. :D
Me, Nancy W., Rebecca, Joe S., and James W.! This happened at football (whoot!) and of course it was all in jest. But it was worthy of being embodied in comic form. Yes that is James at the dock ;) and if he does actually get a bean bag I might just have to accidentally spill maple syrup all over it XD.

p.s. I suppose these are considered 'extras' cause I didn't put them up in the third floor kitchen. It's not that I'm trying to get more people to come to this website *shifty eyes* it's that if you look at the board I put these up on...it's awfully crowded. I feel kinda bad consuming a board that belongs to everyone ;_; so yeah...