Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's that glorious time of year again! Ol' Hallows Eve :D It's one of my top 3 holidays...I can't really choose a top 1 because I like to celebrate all holidays, but it's one of the best to be sure!
Anyways I managed to eek out one comic for you to celebrate the day :D Enjoy~!
Melissa and Tammy as Princesses, Joe S. as a Dinosaur, James as the Incredible Hulk, Meme as Sherlock Holmes, Tamsin as Watson, Daniel as a bassett hound, McKell Brooke and Nancy as Flora Fauna and Merrywether respectively, and Michael J. and David Lew as Ninjas! may notice this is rather pasted together...literally. But I did not have a scanner nearby that I could use so I decided to get this up by another means...

So I thought I'd share a comic from a year ago :)
Joe (I don't know his last name actually...) as Jack Sparrow, Me as the Conch guy from POTC2, Elizabeth as Elizabeth Swann, Chris O. as Davy Jones, and David L. as the closer! :D I love this comic! It's how I came up with my characteristic David Lew...character...anyways...Happy Halloween!

As a side note, I just want my readers to know I've put myself on 'Football only' status for catering. So I won't be working all...and therefore I won't get much material for comics. But I am still going to do them! :) they just might be a bit off, but I'll do my best.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tribute to Truckers

Oh kay I apologize but if I am going to draw comics this week, it won't be til the end of it. But! I did manage to draw a comic in my econ notes the other day that I thought would be fun to share. See, since the last football game was earlier in the day, the guys on the trucks crew were required to come in earlier than everyone 4:30 early...since some of the truck crew was working the night before, this is what I imagined went down. :) Enjoy~!
Joe S., James W., and Meme!

I also had fun typing the dialogue in :D Since one purpose in me drawing these cartoons is for me to get better, I'm practicing with the electronic editors so people don't need to read my own personal just takes so much time to do X(

By the way, if anyone sees a red tribeca flashdrive with flames on it and a black stringy thing coming off of it...let me know...for I have misplaced mine and it's the one I use for my drawings...yes...

Monday, October 20, 2008

week 54! :D

:D yay comics! They are so fun to draw. :) I've been thinking of drawing a non-catering related comic...*gasp*...but I can't come up with a storyline. So I thought I'd just tease people with the idea some more until future notice. Don't worry, now that I've started the idea in the clockwork of my mind I'll start day dreaming about it and come up with something.

a random wait staff, Casey, Meme, and Mckell! So I've been trying to find an opportunity to study during break at work and it just doesn't work. But I thought I'd draw a hope inducing comic anyways. Casey, I don't know if you're taking American Heritage but it's a common mid-term to be having so I took my chances ;).
Meme, Tammy, and Melissa W.! :D yay for the captain card game! I hadn't done one in awhile and I wanted there you have it.
Electrician man, Meme, and Nikki! So I was cleaning out the South Kitchen elevator as a Special Project and the technician guy was working on the electricity right next to my mop bucket. I asked him if he wanted me to move it...but then he moved for me so yesh...
Jessica and Meme! Ah...I had a 15 person in building banquet and it was glorious (thank you dearest Elizabeth). Anyways and I was listening to the radio. It wasn't too all, but it just reminds me of the times when I've heard some perty intense banquets going on over the radio. Be grateful my friends, be grateful :D.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

week 53~!

:D So I think I've come up with a name that amuses me enough for my catering character. Enjoy~!
Meme, Taizsa, and Joe S.! So I don't remember what incited me to do this, but I busted out singing 'Let me see your butter roll' and it was funny...and I did a comic about it...yes.
Slow Truck Driver, very-nice-but-also-slow Einstein's bagel lady, vehicles that are in my way, and Meme! So the other day at the dock this happened. Me being the resourceful person I was I busted out my pen and paper and occupied my time until the cars were out of my way. It was nice...the black van left first...and then the Truck at the same time the white van in front of me left. It was a day for testing my patience to say the least. But the irony was too funny afterwards not to do a comic about it.
Meme! Look guys! It's my first political cartoon! :D Do you know how happy this makes me! You have no idea, it's my dream to be a political cartoonist. :D Anyways, like I said we changed uniforms last week and the fact that our crews now wear at least 3 shades of black every time they work I thought I'd dedicate a comic to it. Now my opinion as to the uniforms; Uniforms are uniforms and I get paid to wear them. I got used to the other uniforms and I'll get used to these too...but I'll avidly be wearing aprons in the future...maybe two...

*sigh* and yes my comics are hard to understand sometimes so I'll explain my political innuendo. Barack Obama's big slogan thing is that he will bring 'change' and as we just 'changed' uniforms I was implying that change isn't always for the best :D
Bonnie and a nice old man! So we were talking about how to open our hotel carts the other day...and this did happen...but I wish I could have come up with something better for the handprint on the hotel cart a superhero pose or something like that. Alas, Bonnie's distress is awesome as well ;)

So I tried to draw the comics with the new uniforms in them and I've decided that my drawings look retarded when I do. So the old uniforms will live forever on in my drawings. After all, they never will truly leave us, they'll just be at DI :D

week '52'! this is a week behind...both online and irl... :D anyways, enjoy~!
Me, Sara, Nancy, Taizsa, and Meagan! So the most prominent thing that happened this week is that Sara came for a visit! Although she requested a comic as a ghost, I decided for a conspiracy theory instead. I figured it was fiction enough :) Yay for Sara!
Me, Marie, Nancy, and Michael J.! The next prominent thing that happened...last that we got new uniforms! Now I'll give my personally opinion on them in a later post, but for now I made a comic about the various ideas that popped into various peoples heads over what they wish to categorize us as...ah...human nature at it's best.
Mariah, Mckell, and Me! Kawaii! So Mariah does Nachos for me at football and I <3 how I drew her. Practically perfect in every way~! Anyways, this comic is dedicated to the ever present saying 'Two people to a cart' that I find myself doing less often than I should. I suppose this comic can be a self-chastising I suppose...riiiiiight.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

week 51-1~!

Yay for comics! You know, I usually base my comics on what has happened during the week so that, hopefully, having it fresh in my mind helps me to draw a better comic. But this past week I didn't work to much since I was on a trip to New Mexico. But! I still wanted to do some comics. Enjoy~!

Dakota, Me, and Uncle James! So I don't particularly fancy Mexican food. Sometimes I'll really crave it but others I'll just get sick to the stomach...there's only one Mexican place that I can go to any time of the day and enjoy and it's in California...and yet I don't know the name of it...anyways on my trip to New Mexico we only ate at Mexican food places and it drove me to like Mexican food even less...sad day XD
Jeff D. and Me! So I also got to drive my mom's car while I was on my trip (...let's have a moment of silence, for my mom sold my car while I was away so I had to drive hers...Albeit she technically bought it and used it sometimes...meh...) and that's what influenced me to draw this comic!
Hannah and Me! So on the Legacy Tent rack-up it said this and I promised Hannah that I would draw this for her ;) that and it quite tickled my funny bone!

So you might notice that it's Thursday and that I am posting this rather's because I couldn't get to a scanner and I'm sorry ;) also I still haven't decided on a name for my character...I still can't decide on one X( not that it really matters...but yeah... :D