Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 62+!

With this last post I am up to date once again (whoot) and I have a treat for you in store! See, I started drawing my comics in a format in an attempt to do a one panel jokes and such, but when I first started drawing comics in a one page multi-panel format. Well, next weeks comic will be in the multi-panel format AND it's a continuation of a previous comic. Enjoy~! :)

Joe S. and Meme! So I've always wanted to hold a sign up and dance at a street corner but usually my rationality gets in the way so I never do (I hear they pay well...). So I wondered to myself "Would I wear a sign if catering made me?" The answer is probably yes...but I wouldn't dance, so there.

Meme and one of the guys that took one too many candies at the catering booth! Oh I wish , I wish this was true. Well, not really, I don't want to be sued...but it's an amusing thought. Of course when you're giving out free candy and fliers, which one would YOU pick?

Ok, so this comic is from my 'volume 1' of catering comics and is the precursor to next weeks comic. :) Just try and guess hehe.Meme, Tammy, Sara, Lazel, James, Brian, Tommy, random guests, Michael J., and lots of squished wait staff! Ah, the fish head. I've never served a salmon like that personally, but I've seen the aftermath and it's not pretty. But with this comic; I had a lot of ideas that week and I wanted to incorporate them all in a creative way. I also didn't sketch it first in pencil, so for me there are lots of mistakes, but no one else knows what they are so just ignore my random last panel...I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorites, if I'm allowed to have any haha.

week 61

yay more comics~ Enjoy~!
Staci, meme, and Amy! Yes, all three of us were on the passover banquets last year. Stock full of memories, we look forward to see who gets to do those wonderful banquets. I find that it won't be the same without Doug "who-knows-everything" because he used to make the horseradish that was such a main part to the whole sedar service. But since passover is about remembering anyways I'm sure it'll be wrong to forget the rest of what makes those banquets oh so interesting!
Meme, Richard B., and B2! So this comic doesn't portray accurately my own opinion concerning facial hair; it was worth mentioning the pride of the guys at our college when they get to grow out their facial hair over the break. It's quite the unique attitude, no where else is facial hair so risk-ay.
Marie B. and Meme! So with the taking down of the walnut centerpieces there came a lot of free walnuts for the catering staff before break. I really wanted to know what it would be like to eat them when they WERE centerpieces (like oh so many of our customers oddly enough)...but eating a lot of walnuts and such just isn't the same without a nut cracker of some sort, especially the particularly funny looking ones!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 59 time warp!

Leeet's do the time warp agaaaaain~! Enjoy~!

Meme and Uncle James! So I was cleaning out a house with my Uncle when we came across a very nice set of champagne glasses and I had a hard time throwing them away. I thought to myself that it ought to be easier because I break glasses all the time at work, but it was not so. Of course irl my Uncle was nicer to his volunteer helper, but I thought it added to the comic.
Scott, random wait staff, random BYU student and old man, and Meme! Over the break I got my wisdom teeth out and it was quite the challenge to eat solids...let alone quickly. I made this connection with catering where there are some tables that we serve that tend to take awhile to eat, and you just want them to EAT FASTER. But they don't, and you learn patience real quick (or learn to hover obstinately hehe).
Meme! As we know there are a lot of centerpieces to choose from to use on our banquets. I was originally going to have the centerpieces insulting me like the flowers do to Alice in 'Alice in Wonderland'...but then I thought this was more amusing that they were vying to be used on my banquet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 60~!...kinda

Well folks it's been a long break but I've got copious comics for you now. Mind you they are all jumbled into different some are from week 60 but one of them is from another week...and I don't have all of them with me to it doesn't really matter. :D So just enjoy~!

Random Wait Staff, Meme, and a random adult! So I was serving a banquet when I heard someone ringing the goblets. Ever since I worked EFY I've started to associate ringing goblets with said event so it's sort of taken on a childish air to it (even though if I did it personally it wouldn't). It's so much harder to tell a grown man/woman to stop doing reasons seem less...real...know what I mean? Yes...
Meme, Melissa, and Tammy! Even though I don't like to shatter glass in particular, I wanted to break those Christmas centerpieces all season just to see if Mckel and Brooke WOULD kill me like they would insinuate to me oh so many times when I got that glint in my eye. Imagine if you went to heaven and explained how you died. "I broke my boss's centerpiece...yeah" :D

Meme and a random waitstaff! So, there a lot of new people to catering and sometimes our lingo needs explaining. I'm not saying that most people don't know what it is to fan napkins, I'm just saying that I wish this would happen because of how ridiculous it would be to come upon someone...fanning napkins... XD

Well, more to come...especially about those centerpieces.