Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 87!

Hi guys. Here's some more comics, enjoy~!
Audrey, Meagan, and Me! Old habits die hard ok!
Meagan, Audrey, and Me!
This was inspired by Toy Story. That ever so epic movie series that sparks the imagination.
La Roux, Me, and Malik! This was requested by Malik as a jest :D
Yay for Edward fans! One day, I am willing to bet, this WILL actually exist. Just give Del Sol a few years.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Del Sol!

No I'm not changing the name of my comic series (see title of blog). However, I am too lazy to look up what 'week' of Go Catering I'm supposed to be on. So there you have it. Also I got these up a day early! :D Pat on the back for me! Enjoy the cartoons~!

Me and Michael! So this is what Michael told us the first day that Audrey and I started working at Del Sol and I, of course, couldn't help making fun of it. Catering will follow you everywhere my dear readers. EVERYWHERE.
Me! If you don't believe me or understand the joke, educate yourself.
Me! Blacklights (those lights that make your white shirts glow) attract bugs like NO OTHER. We had to resort to measures to take care of the problem having 6 of them at our store. Sorry if my writing is hard to read...
Michael, Anne, and me! Michael and Anne are the best Managers EVER. No debating.
I just think our desk area is a little ridiculous sometimes...but that's what gives it character. I mostly drew this for my sake so that I can remember it. Nostalgic huh?
Doctor, chubby tourist, and Me! You get a lot of customers in a store and, as such, get a lot of repeated questions. One of them is "Hey, will you get cancer if you work in this store with these UV lights for too long!?!?!" and I just want to let you know, I have no idea. But it will certainly explain my cancer in my fingernails later in life...if that happens?
Audrey, Me, and pretty ladies! We work next door to the Alamo and Guinness Book World Records. The Guiness guys stand outside the door just as much as we do and shout at people about deals and such, same as us. But we're cooler!
Audrey, Meagan, and Me! So this is a running gag in my comics of making little s cry. However, this time I have no one to blame but myself. I felt so bad! So of course I had to self-deprecate myself a little.

So I hope you all enjoyed the Del Sol aside as much as I did. Maybe I'll go about putting random hints about it in my future comics that no one will get but me :)

Friday, August 13, 2010


For those who care or who actually still check this blog, I will be putting up comics again regularly starting next week. Probably Tuesday, since I have that day off. :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

week 86

So here are some comics I did over the break! I busted out a calligraphy pen (oh so sweet) and realized that a lot of artists that I admire must use these kinds of pens because I recognize the flow of the ink from many drawings that I admire. Anyways, here are some comics, and enjoy~!

Laura and Me! I had the opportunity to serve my Econ professors and they were coming down the buffet line and I just didn't know what to say! Especially since I had just presented a paper to one of them. So I said hi and then pretended to be busy for the rest of the banquet. :P
Me, Brooke, and Kirk! A new trainer position had opened up at catering when I drew this and I thought it was an ever so clever play on words...or ideas. Whatever. Anyways, congrats to the new trainers! You know who you are...
Marie and Me! So every so often I like to be ridiculous. Having a bigger rack-up doesn't actually mean anything other than the fact that I take too much stuff out on banquets. Nonetheless, mine is bigger :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

week 85!

Hey guys! Look! Only 15 weeks away from my 100th week! So cool! Anyways, enjoy the comics as always~!

This is Jeff the Caterin' Penguin. I drew him. He exists. And he's adorable!!! So I thought I'd share him.
Charly as Hermione, Harry Potter, Stellar Hoffman as Ron, Joe as Joe, Draco, and Ryan as Goyle! So I've always wanted to apply Harry Potter to catering. I also noticed that I feel like I have to fight for my trucks a lot more this year, but that's because I'm the opener and everyone wants to steal them from me before I'm done with them.
Kirsten and Me! So we got a butt-load of xs women's vests and I've had this comment made to me many a times that it just had to made into a comic. I mentioned this to Kirk, and he says he's getting a more rational amount of other sizes of vests in the future, so no worries there. Remember, anorexia is not the answer and you are beautiful the way you are. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Late week 84!!!

Ok, so this week has been a problem child. None-the-less, here they are, and, en, joy!

Me and Laura! So Laura doesn't like to wear the carving hat. Therefore, any captains that read this, please make her wear it. :)

Me! So a ridiculous amount of signs have shown up in the third floor kitchen and it's various appendages, I HAD to make fun of it. Mind you I have only contributed one!

Friday, October 30, 2009


In good old Provo fashion, I thought I'd celebrate Halloween on the wrong day! Yeah. I read the daily universe today and 4 of the 5 events mentioned were happening today. Ridiculous! None-the-less, I wish to unleash my Halloween comic for this year. I hope you enjoy it~! And Halloween (tomorrow preferably).

Mariah as Beetlejuice, Marie as Harley Quinn, Me as a 'goth', and Nancy as an Ewok! So the CougarEat gets to wear their costumes to work and I'm tired of it! Just once I'd like to serve Cecil as a Jedi. I think he'd appreciate it. Maybe we could get away with it if we all dressed up as Cosmo and did flips...
Laura as the Ugly One, Mariah as So-and-so, Me as What's Her Face, and BL as Cheerleader! So in the Second Floor Loge it just so happens that we have a crew of all girls (yay feminism!). Therefore I wanted to nickname our venue the nunnery. My crew did not appreciate my humor. So we instead concluded that we are the teen girl squad. Yes, there are 12 other people in the loge besides us four, so I apologize that I did not feature you here. But I thought it'd be a better tribute if I kept it to four.