Monday, November 24, 2008


The comics for this week and last are half drawn...they're...coming...sorry...Xx

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 56! The last football game :)

Yay! So I was falling a daze in my classes today and to stay awake I started doodling the rest of the comics! Yay! These 5 in particular are dedicated to the wonderful events known as football games. May they always be stressful fun! Enjoy~!
Tamsin, Meme, EFY kid, Mattress man, and Brittany! The 2nd floor loge has an amazing view of the...parking lots...for football. Anyways, there's a LOT of amusing things to see in the parking lot right next to the stadium including the BYU band before kickoff, a smart car :D, a man dressed up as the Carl's Jr. Star logo, and this one time (as portrayed in the comic) there was a man dressed up as a mattress! :) It was very amusing.
The Under checker cop, Copilot..., Meme, and Joe S.! So we were waiting to get into the stadium and I've seen this man check every truck I've ever been on at every game for secret smugglers under the truck trying to get into the stadium. Yet they ignore the fact that there is a huge truck bed of mysterious catering things that they never check. Now I don't want catering to have to take more time getting into the stadium by this comic, I just want to make a joke! Besides...that man that checks the trucks is such a character...I HAD to draw him.
Kirk, (front row, left-right) Casey, Meme, David L., Aaron, Scott, (back row, right-left) Bonnie, Two Blue zone wait staff, Tamsin, Amanda, Jonathan, and 3 more random wait staff! I heard strange rumors about DS 72 having been pushed back to the WILK by Kirk because it died, so I drew it next to another very strange rumor of fitting 15 people in a truck. Football=fun times!
Mariah, Tamsin, Meme, and Tammy! So we were doing an odd job at the Legacy Tent before the last football game and we couldn't find the light switch for the Tent. We were using our cell phones to look for it when Mariah, who was still in the truck, asks Tamsin if all Captains carried flashlights with us. Well the answer is yes Mariah, yes we do.

Anastacia, Richard B., and Meme! Next year for football, or on a very busy night, get yourself down to the dishroom for some of the best fun and inside jokes catering can afford to give you.

Well, yay for football :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

week 55 on week 56! :D

See! I promised I'd keep doing these, no worries guys. Anyways, I've done this before where I just do the comics a week later because I'm a tad bit bogged down. So this post is for last week and there will be more for this week...I just have to draw them ;D Enjoy~!

Elizabeth (WS) and Meme! Come on, you guys know that when you end up serving a friend, a teacher, or (in this case) a TA you act more particular than usual. Well...I do. Anyways when I did serve my TA is was funny because I tried not to treat him differently from the other people at the table, but he sat where I kept on serving him last at the table X( But he hasn't said anything about it in class and I don't think he will. :D
B2, Chris O., and Meme! So I had this problem the other day with my rack-up and it just reminded me of a time in Sacrament meeting where the speaker said, 'It would be a sad existence if you couldn't walk' and that's when I thought that a handicapped person might get offended...therefore inanimate objects MUST feel the same :D Careful what you say my friends...very careful XD.
Random Guy, Riley, Meme, and a random waitstaff! I was told one day by Allan that I couldn't do my dishes because they were making a movie in the dish room. I bet him hard money that such a thing was ludicrous. If I thought a little into the future I could possibly conceive them making a movie about how to use the new dishwasher, but it didn't dawn on me and my 100 odd-ish dishes that I had to wash. So I pitter patter on down there to the second floor and lo and behold there was a camera crew and a very bright light...touché Allan, touché.
Amy, Daniel, and Meme! Take a look at the accident log sometime. Go ahead, it's worth it.
Meme and a random wait staff! I actually don't know anyone in particular with this much avarice for the Twilight series, so if you do, you can imagine you are in one of my comics...unless you are a boy because that wait staff has a their hair in a bun...unless...

:D I hope you enjoyed my belated comics! :D