Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 72~!

I'm just so excited that I got these done on time that I decided to post this today! :D Enjoy~!

Me, Mitch, and Hillary C.! So I got a promotion at work. I am the opener! I personally think it sounds a lot cooler than the closer...but the closer has a tv show so I don't know how useful my opinion is there. Anyways, so when I'm tired I tend to ramble about even odder things than usual. Since I am the opener, you probably will be seeing a few more of these comics where I picture myself as tiredly saying silly things.

Me as a Detective, Jesika W. as Colonel Mustard (who said a colonel had to be a guy eh?), Chelsea M. as Miss Scarlet, and Callie S. as Miss Peacock! I was setting up for a banquet and I literally said "Ok, it's in the WILK with the Honors Program and blue table cloths." and of course I connected Catering with the board game Clue. Now none of those three other girls work for catering...they're my friends and they wanted to make a guest appearance and I thought they aught to! :D Of course I couldn't remeber if there was a Miss White in the game or if it was Mr. I just made Jesika a Colonel! :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

week 69, 70, and 71~! :D yeah!

Ha, ha, haaaa! That's right, totally got these up! Way to go me! Well, all the same I have an announcement. I am going to end 'Volume 2: The Characters' today and start Volume 3 next week of my 'Go Catering' comic series. Once again, I don't name the volume until I finish it so...yay for volume week!

Sara H., Melissa, and Me! So we got a new scheduler here at catering these past couple of weeks and this is my sort-of welcoming her to the job I suppose! I actually mentioned to Melissa that I had recently been scheduled on a lot of banquets that were easy where you didn't have to do much and she jokingly said "Maybe they're trying to tell you something...". That didn't go too well with me and my imagination, and as such this comic was born. But I decided that for this comic, instead of having my suspicions be true, that they'd be oh so they most likely are! :D
Melissa W., Me, and Richard B.! This is another installment of the 'catering mafia' gag I started awhile back...So we had a capt's meeting where it was mentioned that the lunch captains hadn't been cleaning up after themselves. I would know, because I sometimes have to clean up said mess. So, as a warning, catering has a mafia and you WILL be interrupted during your CougarEat meal to pick up your stuff! Muahah!
Wait staff whose names escape me...and Me! Ah...oh so many times RM's will start speaking to each other in another language at catering. It's to be expected. But the next time it happens I am going to speak in French the whole banquet! ahha! So there!
Me and a Provo Cop! All I have to say is that I've yet to be pulled over by a cop, so NO this didn't actually happen.

Just a forward about these two comics. As an avid reader of my comics would know, I have a few characteristic characters that I like to draw; myself, Chris, Tammy, David, Joe, etc. That's why Volume 2 is called 'the characters'! I really started to develop them more! Since I also recently drew real people for the Feed the Fork newsletter, I decided I'd draw these characters as...more of their real selves than usual. :D So enjoy~!
Chelsea, Chris O., and Cory-Jo! If we went off who people were by my comics then we'd all be lost I think ;)
Joe S. and Me! Everyone has a little dinosaur in them. Mine was at a captain's meeting when I started to get a little to over exaggerated about something that annoyed me. I claimed that I was collect...but my fervor would suggest otherwise hehe...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Donate to the "Strawboat needs a Scanner" fund

All joking aside, I've drawn comics I have simply not scanned them yet. Apologies! They are coming forthwith! Most likely Sunday! :(