Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 81 and 82~!

Believe you me! It's about time for some over-due catering comics~ Enjoy~!
Hillary and Me! So this is from last month's captain meeting. Kirk informed us that we should try to 'sleep' on our rack-ups, meaning mull it over the day before the banquet, etc. I of course wanted to find a way to turn it the best I can and I came up with this comic. :D
Chris, me, and Staci! Come on, you know you've thought of it.
Me! This is, of course, a tribute to! I love them! And I thought that this would be in line with some of their humor. Yay tributes!

Little Crying girl, Me, and Joe! So, in case you don't get the reference, then read this comic below:It's been a year since the last University Conference and I figured that it would be fun to revisit the gag of last year. I don't remember what post it's in...but I it's somewhere on this blog.
Me and RT! So sometimes, people just need to take a nap. This didn't actually happen, but last week I heard of people taking naps a lot and thought it would be fun to portray it this way. Plus, who can go back to sleep with someone else in the room? No one.
Lactose the Intolerant, Soy Boy, Lauren N. , and me! So I have this other comic series that I do that's a sort-of western but not really, and my main characters from said western made a guest appearance in this comic! I can't believe I didn't think to do this before what with all the special meals we have! Alas, I hope you enjoy it none-the-less.