Friday, October 30, 2009


In good old Provo fashion, I thought I'd celebrate Halloween on the wrong day! Yeah. I read the daily universe today and 4 of the 5 events mentioned were happening today. Ridiculous! None-the-less, I wish to unleash my Halloween comic for this year. I hope you enjoy it~! And Halloween (tomorrow preferably).

Mariah as Beetlejuice, Marie as Harley Quinn, Me as a 'goth', and Nancy as an Ewok! So the CougarEat gets to wear their costumes to work and I'm tired of it! Just once I'd like to serve Cecil as a Jedi. I think he'd appreciate it. Maybe we could get away with it if we all dressed up as Cosmo and did flips...
Laura as the Ugly One, Mariah as So-and-so, Me as What's Her Face, and BL as Cheerleader! So in the Second Floor Loge it just so happens that we have a crew of all girls (yay feminism!). Therefore I wanted to nickname our venue the nunnery. My crew did not appreciate my humor. So we instead concluded that we are the teen girl squad. Yes, there are 12 other people in the loge besides us four, so I apologize that I did not feature you here. But I thought it'd be a better tribute if I kept it to four.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go Catering week 83~!

Well, to answer your question, yes. I've decided to stop being a ninny and get back to drawing me (and you) some comics. I can't vouch for their relevant-ness though because I only do about one banquet a week. But I'm sure I can manage.

2 random angels and Me! So, at football one game day past, I didn't have enough strawberry topping. It was a very arduous process to get it too. I was frantic, on edge, and punching the air profusely. One of my wait staff suggested that I keep the eternal perspective in mind. It's ONLY strawberry topping. To any and all wait staff...know that if you say that to me then I will probably just say to myself "waitstaff" and keep freaking out. But this time I decided to listen. Hence the comic. :D
Me! So this is something I've observed as an opener; it's gotten colder. As such, it's rather hard to wash the trucks in the morning. So if the trucks are dirty, I apologize. It's because I'm frozen in the parking lot unable to reach the windows.
Uncle Sam-area! I saw an uncle sam poster abused by BYUSA the other day and decided that it was my turn to do so. Know that you are appreciated!
#8, Scott, Joe, Me (#6 :D), guy-too-cool-for-anything, and #1! So this is the first of 9 requests that I've had in the past month since I've stopped drawing comics. The other 8 will come shortly as soon as I remember what they are...yes...this one isn't even catering related...but I had the glorious privilege of standing outside to wait in line for the next Robert Jordan book by Brandon Sanderson. There were some characters there, and I like to think that I drew the most memorable of them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Captain's part-eth two!

Hey lookie here! I didn't think I would get these done so quickly, but once I started I just had to finish it would seem! Enjoy~!
Scottie! I drew him a few times when he was a wait staff, but nothing recently. I believe he only does trucks for football now. He's just that cool.

Ryan! He is so tall! And cool! I'll have to draw him in some comics when I get around to them.
Meagan! I don't know if I've ever drawn Meagan before...I think I have when I needed someone to look incredulously at me in my comic. She's very good at it. And it's never a misplaced look!
Mark! He's a newer captain and I haven't gotten around to drawing him much either. We never really work together, so I never really have any solid catering cartoon ideas from
Jessie! She's a closer! And hilarious! And very hard for me to draw...this took me 3-6 times to do! And it's quite smashing if I do say so myself. It involved looking up pictures on facebook. :)
Craig~!!! Craig is amazing! And he's the only other caterer at University Conference to do shout outs for Pita's with me. Therefore he gets brownie points.
Cortney! The last and final closer! I haven't used her much in comics either...but she would be dancing in them if she did make an appearance; like Ashley Kay of old.
Chris! He gave me a good comic idea the other day...he he he.
Bonnie! I've drawn Bonnie many times I believe. In some of my favorites to. That's right folks, she made it onto the board that I have at home where I keep all of my favorite comics!
Aaron! I always see Aaron sitting down.
Amy! Amazing captain! I've drawn her lots of times too. Yeah!

Oh! And RT is a captain too, but I drew him last time. He's on the board. I love to draw him too! The comics he appears in are always a good one!

That ends this installment of captains...if I missed you...feel free to tell me and I'll remedie the situation. :D or you might just be on the board like RT. Pick your poison.

Captain's, Part-eth one

Hey guys! So I haven't drawn any comics in awhile...and I still haven't...But! I have drawn half of the captains for the captain board in the third floor kitchen! Oh...and I made them wear their actual uniforms unlike in all of my other comics because I thought it would confuse people...but I won't be changing my comics still. Probably. I haven't drawn in awhile...Anyways, enjoy~!

Staci! I draw her in the comics that I need a more stern captain, someone to dress up as Bert or the Wicked Witch of the West, or someone shouting back at me. It makes for good comics.
Saundra! I actually haven't drawn Saundra before today! Sad, because I LOVE her hair! Or at least to draw it...I used to be able to draw Ruth's hair...but I usually don't draw people any more who have left catering in my catering comics. Yay Saundra!
Rachel! Closer extraordinaire! I don't draw her that often either...
Marie! I draw her whenever I need a sidekick! That or a fiery red head. One of the two.
Mariah! I have labeled Mariah my little zealot. She's the best captain trainee! And the Second Floor Loge is the best!
Kellyn! I actually don't draw Kellyn very much...I had to update her on the board cause the last time I drew her it looked even less like her than this one does. But I think I'm getting better at it!
Joe! Man! I LOVE drawing Joe as a Dinosaur. It provides for many comics that actually tend to be among my better ones. Plus I know he doesn't mind so I don't feel bad drawing him as one. Yay Dinosaur Joe!
Joan! This captain has an identity crisis I've decided. But she's the most amazing opener ever! :D She's also the main character in all of my Go Catering comics.
Cliff! He is also an opener! Openers are the best! Period. I haven't drawn Cliff before now either...he asked me last winter to draw him for the board and I finally got around to it! Whoot!
Chelsea! You know, Chelsea has the best name ever. I also haven't used her in any of my comics yet...but she would probably be a voice of reason if she were to be in one.
Charly! She gets a BYU Polo because she works in the Cougar Room. And she's great. And has cool hair too.
Carsten! You know, I don't think I could ever capture Carsten's genuine smile. But that doesn't mean I won't try!

So...I'm sorry if you are sad that you didn't make the first cut...I drew in the following order-ish: openers, 2FL, Cougar Room, Veteran's (kinda), Closers, and Captain Trainees. But no worries...they'll be coming forthwidth!