Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 87!

Hi guys. Here's some more comics, enjoy~!
Audrey, Meagan, and Me! Old habits die hard ok!
Meagan, Audrey, and Me!
This was inspired by Toy Story. That ever so epic movie series that sparks the imagination.
La Roux, Me, and Malik! This was requested by Malik as a jest :D
Yay for Edward fans! One day, I am willing to bet, this WILL actually exist. Just give Del Sol a few years.


Holly K said...

Malik! Yay!

Michael said...

I could go for a box full of insta-desserts right now.

Alexander (Disney) said...

Hello, it's Alex from Disneyland. Just wanted you to know that I really, really enjoyed the comic you drew of me. You are seriously one of the coolest guests I have met. :)