Friday, October 30, 2009


In good old Provo fashion, I thought I'd celebrate Halloween on the wrong day! Yeah. I read the daily universe today and 4 of the 5 events mentioned were happening today. Ridiculous! None-the-less, I wish to unleash my Halloween comic for this year. I hope you enjoy it~! And Halloween (tomorrow preferably).

Mariah as Beetlejuice, Marie as Harley Quinn, Me as a 'goth', and Nancy as an Ewok! So the CougarEat gets to wear their costumes to work and I'm tired of it! Just once I'd like to serve Cecil as a Jedi. I think he'd appreciate it. Maybe we could get away with it if we all dressed up as Cosmo and did flips...
Laura as the Ugly One, Mariah as So-and-so, Me as What's Her Face, and BL as Cheerleader! So in the Second Floor Loge it just so happens that we have a crew of all girls (yay feminism!). Therefore I wanted to nickname our venue the nunnery. My crew did not appreciate my humor. So we instead concluded that we are the teen girl squad. Yes, there are 12 other people in the loge besides us four, so I apologize that I did not feature you here. But I thought it'd be a better tribute if I kept it to four.



Mariah said...

Yeah for comics and the Teen Girl Squad!

Michael said...

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice.